Proposed Airspace and Aircraft Routing Feasibility Study

for the

Coastal Communities of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties


Focus and Objectives


1.  Aircraft noise analysis and mitigation


          a. Reduce noise impacts of aircraft to residents, animals and the environment.



2.  Air traffic routing away from residential areas


          a.  Petition the FAA for more compatible airspace.

3.   Conduct a case study for Rincon Island’s alternative use:   

          a.  Decommissioning Phase 2 completion is anticipated before June 30, 2021 for Rincon Island and the Causeway.

               California State Lands Commission


          b. Community use of Rincon Island for Helicopter operations has been proposed.


              The design concept is for near-term aircraft operations as a Helipad (NO aviation fuel).

          c.  Rincon Island as a vertiport will future-proof  the coastal communities with safe, fast and sustainable


               PEOPLE transportation with eVTOL Electric Aircraft and  Advanced Air Mobility transit systems

               as well as CARGO Transport with eVTOL Electric Aircraft.

          d.  The environmental and operational analysis is to be conducted in accordance with:


                The California Environmental Quality Act CEQA


                California Office of Planning and Research  OPR 

                Transportation Impacts SB 743 



University of California, Berkeley

will lead the study

Institute of Transportation Studies

Nextor III


The Airport Design Studio


next steps to be announced on Q1 2021